Private banking in St-Vincent with Silver and Gold-backed Debit Cards

Private banking in St-Vincent with Silver and Gold-backed Debit Cards

Announcing Private Banking in St-Vincent and the Grenadines

Working with us you’re provided with the most high-quality service the industry has to offer. With private banking set on the beautiful sunlit shores of St-Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) it’s not only a great choice among business economists and entrepreneurs, it’s also a safe way to invest your money abroad in order to avoid unwarranted tax wages.

Our partner bank in SVG (St-Vincent and the Grenadines) offers a unique set of services. It provides superb financial stability and a proper protection for depositors as the bank doesn’t make loans or leverage deposits. Your money is safely stored in the bank and the bank refuses to put your savings and deposits in jeopardy. The bank remains a 100% reserve bank and won’t deal in neither lending nor proprietary trade with any client’s funds. It’s ahead of the competition in terms of overall value for privacy concerned customers and those who consider the security of their money as a vital part of banking services.

Account opened within 72 hours

All clients have the ability to get their accounts opened within 72hrs with a minimum deposit of only USD/EUR 500. Delivering the account opening within three days is a key component to our continuous commitment towards our clients. No visits to any offices are required either, all of the paperwork can be finished through email for the account opening procedure.

The world’s first Silver- and Gold-backed debit cards

Clients will have full access to get accounts that feature Silver or Gold-backing through the Perth Mint. This provides investors and account holders with additional security as it’s put through a gold standardized monetary system. This typically provides a much more secure form of investment as the fluctuating currency market doesn’t have a direct impact. For those who are unaware, fiat currencies’ value is currently under question, even if they’re the most used tool for exchange.

Additionally, this new service offers the world’s first true Silver and Gold-backed debit card, ensuring full reliability and convenience. Rather than having to worry about the fiat currency limitations of previous cards you now have full access to your metal-based funds. Instead of relying on carrying around the metal you can safely and conveniently carry your Silver or Gold-backed debit card. The bank also offer regular debit cards to be connected to your account, providing you with a secure and convenient way of withdrawing money and making investments.

Improving and securing your economy

Our partner bank provide also brokerage and managed accounts. Brokering deals are a great way to invest your money in private.

The bank carries professional fund managers, an absolute necessity for those who’d rather leave the fund work to experts within the area. It guarantees a quality treatment that will increase your returns. Fund management is something of utmost importance in the world of finance and as such, it’s vital to the industry and a sign of commitment to customers.

International focus for maximum mobility

As a company with an international focus, the bank in SVG offers multi currency accounts. International currency usage allows investors and account holders to send money from all over the world to anywhere you please. Through online secured banking, the bank enable its clients to transfer money directly and with ease through the internet. E-banking is an essential part of the industry today. It cannot be ignored, but embraced and it keeps leverage for the bank, it’s a key service to an evolving industry.

We embrace your privacy

Our partnership with the bank in SVG (St-Vincent) is an ongoing part of ensuring top-quality service towards our clients. By offering to store investments offshore both in a private and security shaped manner we maintain the position of allowing our clients to breathe easily with their investments in good care. The addition of the first true Gold and Silver-backed debit cards is also a sign to our continuous commitment to make sure that both security and convenience stays a top priority.

For further information on ICO Services’ business expansion into St-Vincent and the Grenadines, visit Offshore bank account in Saint Vincent (SVG)

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