Business Address and Mail Forwarding

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Why Use a Business Address?

A business address in the right place can make all the difference with an offshore company. Mail forwarding service is designed to enhance your business image whilst at the same time fully protecting your true identity and location. There are however, many other practical reasons for taking advantage of a professional mail forwarding service :

  • Clients who may regularly move or be away from the office / home
  • Clients who work from home and wish to create a more professional perception of their business
  • Clients wishing to be seen to have an international presence
  • Clients simply wishing to remain anonymous

How Does it Work ?

You are free to use this address on your business cards and invoices. Clients who choose to use this service for their business post can be safe in the knowledge that their mail will be dealt with by trained staff quickly and efficiently. All mail is forwarded to any specified address, anywhere in the world.

Your mail will not be opened, we simply place your mail into a fresh envelope and forward it directly to you.

Packages and parcels of all sizes and weights will also be accepted, and forwarded on to your specified address, as will registered or recorded delivery post.

How much does it cost ?

The cost to setup and operate the service depend of the location. We currently offer a business address at the following locations :

  • DUBAI - United Arab Emirates
  • LONDON - United Kingdom
  • KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia

Need more information ?

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding business address and mail forwarding or for any questions. We will be happy to answer you, analyze your situation and send you our suggestions.