St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Investor's heaven

When you are considering to invest, as well as secure, your hard-earned money in the form of assets, such as stocks, forex, precious metals, businesses and properties, it's only logical to choose the most secure ways in the most secure place. Unfortunately, most of what you believe about 'secure places' for your assets proves to be a myth.

Want an example? Let's talk about taxes.

Politically-aside, taxes is probably the most well-touted 'advantage' that a citizen of a country can enjoy. While the concept itself looks deceivingly compelling - a country's government taking care of the citizens' welfare via the tax returns - the truth is often far from it: In the end, there is a strong indicator that getting 'taxed' means that you have less control of your own wealth. Want a proof? Australians might have their bank deposit taxed in early 2016. It seems that the Government doesn't want the citizens to keep their own money untouched.

And that's not even mentioning the questionably high taxes in many countries, leaving everyone - including businesses - with a minimal amount of their hard-earned cash after taxes.

If the above sound unfair to you, then looking for a better solution for investing your cash - legally - is a given next-step. The next question is, how, what and where? Let's talk about the 'why', the 'how', the 'what' and the 'where' as follow.

Why: Protecting your assets

When you have secured enough cash in your account, then it's a sound personal finance move to turn that cash into cash-producing asset, or simply secure it in a better, more reliable form, such as precious metals.

Obviously, you can do just that in your home country. The good thing about doing so is that you are investing in something or with someone that you are familiar with: The institutions, the firms, the banks, the agents and so on. However, there is a huge downside in your decision: Everything you do locally is tracked and recorded by your home country tax officers. This means that your investment gains will be taxed, which reduce your potential earnings. There is a special case when you are investing in the government-subsidized projects, which can offer you tax breaks; however, for an average investor, such projects are - more often than not - off-limit.

Don't get us wrong - there is nothing wrong with paying taxes. But if there is a legitimate way to better-secure your investment while escaping your home country's unfair taxes legally, there is no reason not to do it.

There are more reasons why you should consider going offshore, but asset protection and tax reduction are two typical reasons.

How: It's much easier than you think

If you are feeling intrigued, here's the solution for you, widely used by investors worldwide legally: Invest via an offshore bank residing in an offshore jurisdiction.

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What: Investing services available in offshore banks

Banks in offshore jurisdictions offer you the perks that most onshore counterparts don't, namely: More stable political and economic environment; more friendly business policies; lower taxes; more secure; simpler and faster account opening and/or company formation; and so on.

Not stopping there, some offshore banks offer investment services that are more varied - and lucrative - than the onshore investment services. Even some major financial institutions onshore offer offshore investing solution to offer more options for their clients.

What kind of investment services? Everything you can think of: Wealth management, precious metal investing, stock/forex/future investing, real estate investing, and so on.

Why we recommend St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Some most popular offshore jurisdictions like Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore offers something that your home country might not be able to offer you: Political and economical stability, friendly foreign investment policies, and powerful financial centers.

However, there are 'hidden gems' that you should pay attention to - here's one: St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

Located in southern Carribean, the nation features yachts-ridden harbors, private isles, and sailing enthusiasts. SVG is also known as a top-notch International business/financial center, with business-friendly policies that make it an ideal jurisdiction for investors.

But those may not be the only perks that you are looking for as an investor, There are many other perks in when you open a bank account in SVG:

1. Access to powerful trading platforms 24/7

If you open an account in SVG, you can have access to popular and powerful trading platforms, such as Metatrader 4, which allow you to trade 24/7.

2. No middleman

With your offshore bank account, you can invest/trade directly without any brokers. No more middleman that eats up your gains.

3. Access to wide array of investment services

With a bank account in SVG, you are enabled to invest in foreign exchanges, buy physical gold/silver, managed assets, etc.

More perks include fast account opening, multi-currency support, minimal opening deposit, and so on - please consult our solutions for traders page for more information.


Offshore banks make money not by lending their money (read: YOUR money) to borrowers. They make money by offering wealth management and investing services to clients. Their survivability as a business depends on how well they serve clients. That's why you can expect top-notch services from an offshore bank.

Offshore banks in SVG is recommended due to the wealth of choices you have when it comes to investing. However, if you are interested in wide array of services, such as gold- or silver-backed bank account, trading stocks and forex without any middlemen, and other investing services, SVG should be one of the jurisdictions that you should seriously consider.

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