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2018 Financial Secrecy Index: The U.S. Ranked Second

Congratulations, USA – you're now officially the runner-up in the world for financial secrecy! Previously ranked third (2015,) thanks to the massive capital inflow in the past several years, the jurisdiction is sitting nicely at number two, just under Switzerland and above Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, and Singapore...

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Offshore Company Definition and How It Works

In general, an offshore company is a company that is set up in a different country from the country of residence of the stakeholders, and it's usually meant not to do any economic activities in that particular country. For example, suppose your business operates in Europe. Setting up your legal business structure...

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EU operations HQ: Bulgaria vs. Cyprus

Business owners - are you planning to expand your business to serve the European Union market – and the European markets in general? If so, read on to learn how to do so efficiently, especially in term of compliance with the EU laws and regulations, corporate tax planning and company asset protection.

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