Offshore bank account

Offshore bank account

Open an offshore bank account with us (official agent or representative of the banks), it is the guarantee to have a full range of offshore online banking services, all of them with secure internet banking and debit or credit cards which will allow you to have quick and easy access to your funds from almost anywhere in the world.

We regularly review the best offshore banking opportunities for business or investment purposes in the market place and recommend those which we believe to be best suited to meet your identified needs.

All of these banks complement the offshore jurisdictions which we recommend for your Offshore Company incorporation. These banks offer the best banking services for company trading account, business account or investment account. They all meet the very high standards of confidentiality and security, which are fundamental elements in choosing your offshore location.

All offshore accounts can be opened by distance and it is not necessary to pay a personal visit to the location.




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Please do not hesitate to contact us for an offshore bank account or for any questions. We will be happy to answer you, analyze your situation and send you our suggestions.