Offshore Company Formation

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An offshore company is an enterprise which only carries out economic activities outside the country in which it is registered. So, an offshore company can be any enterprise which doesn't operate "at home".
At the same time, according to public opinion, an offshore company is any enterprise which enjoys tax-free or low-tax status in the country of registration. In the USA, the term offshore company is also used as a synonym for any overseas activities.

Why setup an Offshore Company ?

Different jurisdictions

There are many offshore jurisdictions. We always seek to find the most competitive and effective jurisdictions.

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They all meet the very high standards of confidentiality and security, which are fundamental elements in choosing your offshore location.

One of our most popular structure remains the Belize company with a bank account in Puerto Rico.

Compare to find the right choice for your business

When encountering this topic for the first time it appears difficult to differentiate between the advantages and disadvantages offered by the many small and possibly unknown countries.

Company Set-up Fee Annual Fees Tax Public Record Accounting / Audit
Belize 499 € 400 € 0% No No
Bulgaria 1160 € 2300 € 10% Yes** Yes
Cyprus 1650 € 1500 € 12,5% Yes** Yes
Delaware 539 € 580 € 0% No No
Hong Kong 790 € 640 € 0% Yes** Yes
RAK* 1820 € 1450 € 0% No Yes
Seychelles 579 € 400 € 0% No No
United Kingdom 649 € 520 € 20% Yes** Yes
Wyoming 649 € 500 € 0% No No

* RAK for Ras Al Khaimah
** Nominee Services can be use for privacy

Need more information ?

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding an offshore company or for any questions. We will be happy to answer you, analyze your situation and send you our suggestions.